Google Adwords Marketing

Google Adwords MarketingDo you have an online business that is not so successful? Are you so busy managing the different aspects of your business that you are unable get good returns? Are you tired of your competitors always getting ahead of you?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’, you know it’s time for a new online marketing strategy to get your business on track again. However, developing a new strategy is easier said than done! But don’t worry, that’s our job! How do we make it easier for you?

Well, this is what you need to do to get some good trustworthy online marketing advice.

  • Contact us online and complete our business assessment form.
  • We then research your online business, including all its strengths and weaknesses.
  • We then hold a meeting with you and your team to design and plan a marketing strategy that will suit your business needs.
  • We answer all your doubts, get rid of all your fears, and fill you will confidence that you’re on the right path towards success. We assure you that you will not be disappointed with SEO Web Consultant.


What is Google Adwords Marketing?

One important online marketing tool is Google Adwords Marketing. Here you can get traffic on any type of traffic, from any area throughout the world. We specialize in organizing high-converting Google Adwords campaigns that are guaranteed to work.

We have also designed specialized call-tracking technology with which you can monitor any telephonic leads received from Adwords. All business owners we have worked with have been able to measure, monitor, and improve.

How we will manage it?

We do the best practices to make your Adwords Campaign profitable for your business

  • We will conduct comprehensive keyword research around your business i.e services or products. Make a list of best keywords that can bring lots of sales for your business.
  • We will set up campaign or campaigns depending upon requirements i.e Daily Budget, Location and other priorities.
  • We will create best possible ads with options we have.
  • We will set conversion tracking so that we can track sales coming through our campaign.
  • We will categorize your products or services so that we can extract which dimensions are delivering more sales for us.
  • We will focus on keywords that will generate more sales and keep on skipping ones gradually that are not converting.
  • We will set Re-marketing Campaign i.e show our ads to visiitors that come to our site but never buy.
  • Weekly Reporting including Clicks, Click Through Rate, Cost Per Click, Conversions and much more.


How much minimum or maximum monthly budget, I can dedicate?

It totally depends upon you. Your monthly budget can range from AUD 300 to any amount.

How much we will charge for setup, management & reporting?

There will be one time Setup Cost depending upon no. of products, size of your business and monthly budget. Then, we will charge only 20% of your monthly budget for management and reporting. This is a cheapest price offered in market.

We also offer our mentoring services at all times. We are available to help you with any business problems you may encounter on the road to success.