How To Track and Identify Your Social Media Wins

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Recognition and following of your social media efforts

21st century businesses needs are different from traditional old time’s businesses. Modern businesses need not only traditional tools of marketing but online marketing tools as well. Social media is one of those tools which help your businesses to promote and get as much audience as possible. Social media sites includes Facebook, twitter, linkedIn etc but the question arise that is this social media campaign really going to work?

Great efforts from Twitter: keep upbeat the inauguration Traffic

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Twitter has been going through with the access and connectivity problems few days back. There was no big failure specifically. Page loading time and errors for were took the spotlight. When President Obama 2nd inauguration message were started to fill twitter streams all around the world, this problem aroused. And when the swearing session was started in the ceremony, tweets reached at 18,000 tweets per min.

Mobile devices got 25% of Search clicks

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A report has been released from Search agency for Q4 2012. This report shows that paid search are growing very rapidly. But there are high rates of search clicks which have been made from tablets and smartphones.

We can see that desktop computers are still level from Q3 2012 to Q4 2012; on the other hand mobile devices search experience has been increased. This trend shows that industry is growing well.

New Year resolution: improved Blogs with 3 things

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New Year is the name of resolutions and become more committed with you.

Resolutions related to internet marketing will be like we will link better, adopt persuasive strategies, debate less, write smarter etc. but for achievement of these goals we lacks a to do list. This post is going to talk about the specific resolution related to blogs, improved blogs with three things.